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Interior Sun Energy

Although the apartment isn’t big it has some advantages which consist of the good insolation, rather spacious kitchen and hallway, the balcony and loggia are also included. During the redevelopment the supporting structures are practically not changed. The front doorway is a bit moved to the right in order to create some space for the wardrobe in the hallway, so the multifunctional and at the same time free space is created because of the thought-out furniture arrangement. Remembering that the spouses have three daughters, the kids’ room is made from the biggest one with the loggia. After warming of the last one, it is transformed into the cabinet for eldest girls and because of that the room has enough space for the bunk beds, play area and even the sports complex. A very well illuminated work area (for the youngest daughter) will be created near the loggia. The living room is combined with the parents’ room and that’s why they will sleep on the folding sofa, which is “hidden” in the furniture structure niche from the wardrobes with the mezzanines. It is recommended to equip the bathroom with a washing machine and to hang shelves above it.

Living room & bedroom combo

The cool saturated emerald-turquoise color of the wardrobes’ walls and facades is not associated with the typical bedroom’s image, emphasizing that this room is first of all a living room. A custom-made furniture structure which has a shape of the table and the shelves with the built-in television is like a designing object which decorates the interior - Absolute Interior Decor


According to the reader’s request the kitchen has the maximum amount of the cupboards. They are situated not only in the cooking area but also in the dining room where the shallow closed shelves frame the sofa in the form of letter “L”.


The passage area’s monotony is diversified with the mottled laminate and the bright stripes wallpapers (in the upper part of the walls), which in one of the corridor’s parts also cover the ceiling.


In order to make the wardrobe less cumbersome his facade was decorated with the multicolor photography which has the big amount of details. The bright decisions are well balanced with the simplicity of forms and the natural wood texture.

Kids’ room

Since the places to sleep have been combined, the bunk bed seems to look rather unique. The youngest sister will have even two sleeping places. For now she can sleep on the sofa below and when she will grow up, the second level will become comfortable for her so the previous place will be used for the daily rest. The structure also has a built-in children's sports complex. It is planned to install in loggia an electric floor heating and a portable radiator.


The tile which has the saffron color with the sanguine “childish” picture (Agatha, Pamesa) creates a positive mood.

Water closet

The doors with venetian blinds don’t seem cumbersome; they are tinted with the protective impregnation for the wood details.