Drawings for manufacturing planning layouts

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Drawings draft master plans detailed planning and projects - this site plans to scale relief depicting, array of existing and projected construction, highways and streets, beautification and landscaping, etc.

System construction and improvement of the territory, applied to a plan of architectural composition and solved according to the rules and regulations.

Projects performed on subbase that is an image recording area designation relief aqueous spaces existing buildings, etc. In the manufacture of basic planning layouts are important terrain, buildings nearby (building volumes), planting and landscaping (eg, park or playground). Volumes building companies on projects of detailed planning are divided into three types: the existing, under construction and planned.

On existing buildings usually a digit and two letters identifying the number of storeys, the material from which the building is constructed, and its function, for example 4KZH - four-, tile, residential; 2d - two-story, wooden, residential, etc.

Projected or buildings under construction are put in bold lines and the scale of 1: 500 each building labeled.

Gardening and landscaping plotted contour lines. Individual trees are only shown on the scale of 1: 1000 and 1: 500.