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Drawings provide only planar image of an object or group of objects and provide a glimpse of the projected building or facility in an amount that is in its final form. Therefore, make layouts that clearly express the idea of the designer and provide substantial assistance in the design of the building or buildings of the ensemble, as well as approval of projects, demonstrating them at exhibitions, etc.

Method of showing architectural project in the amount of (mock) was used in the past. Widely known beautiful monuments architects Russia XVIII and XIX centuries. - Zakharova and Voronikhin Stasov and Rastrelli, Bazhenov and Rossi Monferrana and many others.

Each building created these great masters before him build thoroughly tested on a model where the details were worked all architectural elements, shows a section, interior, etc.

Museum of the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg and now keeps many architectural models as works of art. Performed with great skill and accuracy of these models can provide insight about the nature of the building's architecture, and highly artistic performance last gives them an independent artistic value.

First models were performed mainly of wood , cardboard, paper and plaster . Recently completely new in its interpretation of architectural compositions created using polymeric materials such as organic glass , celluloid , tsellon , foams and various plastics , have significant advantages over wood , cardboard, paper and plaster. Polymeric materials are not exposed to atmospheric influences , can be easily processed and glued together , both among themselves and with other materials. Not surprisingly, they found a large spread in the manufacture of a wide variety of models and , in particular, architectural .

Polymeric materials allow to produce models with varying degrees of detail and architectural elements meet all the requirements of modern architecture. Some convention, usually taking place in the exhibition layouts, does not interfere with the correct judgment about the building or ensemble of buildings that need to be built.

Architectural models can be made in the design process and to help (business models), as well as on the finished project drawings (and demonstration).

In some cases, working drawings preceded by an architectural model , which is carefully checked or that the composite solution . This method is especially common when working on projects of detailed planning , ie, project development of cities , regions or individual quarters. In search of a better planning solution designer varies by individual dimensions of buildings made ??to scale and placed on a blueprint drawing depicting the terrain and existing buildings . Work on the project is always accompanied by detailed planning prototyping helping quite specifically and clearly identify the necessary volume and spatial resolution . In addition , the layout gives an opportunity to identify construction in with elements such as gardening , landscaping , driveways, road junctions , etc.

From the point of view of perception a planning layout very lucid and clearly illustrates the spatial plan in a large area. Depending on the scale and need a planning layout may represent a group of buildings , individual neighborhoods or master plan of the city. Unlike planning layouts of individual buildings have their own specifics . If planirovochnom layout main task - to show the mutual arrangement of buildings ( blocks) and to identify the specific area planning solution territory , the goal of the building layout - show architecture with varying degrees of detail elements.

Architectural layout of individual buildings or structures made ??on a large scale, gives an indication not only of its external form, but also the interior. Sometimes models are made only to show the interior, where you can see the layout of the interior, furniture, equipment, etc.

In some cases, to demonstrate various processes of building working models are made.

Important role in the three-dimensional projection plays photograph. Layout has considerable dimensions, therefore it tends to make pictures, and in some cases - fotochertezhi. Sometimes the layout is made specially for him pictures. Separate volumes of buildings or group of buildings in combination with other elements photographed with points for the most characteristic expression of the composite design intent.

Large spread when photographing a method layout layout of the building or structure in nature, allowing visually what an object in a given environment. Recently prototyping method became very common in the design of objects of landscape construction and urban spaces, designers working in this field, you must be proficient in the laws of building green space, color combinations, lighting, scale and proportions.

Prototyping process in this case is a test project sketch by appropriate placement of plantings. Specified in the layout of their number, type, color combinations, etc.

Extension of the method improves the quality of layout development projects, helping their perception, and gives you the opportunity to see the planned project in the closest to the natural form.