About Us

"Archmag" is a professional model studio is committed in 2008 to make high-quality, different level of complexity and precise architectural models for variety of clients. These models are used in architectural presentations, model studies, marketing and training aids.

Using our creative potential and technological skills, we can help you design, plan and realize any architectural model: building, industrial complex and conceptual models. őur scale models come with highly realistic people figurines, light, cars and trees.

Our main aim is to create high-quality architectural presentations at reasonable price for you. We are professional model makerís team consist of engineers, designers, managers. No matter what you needs architectural presentations or landscape architecture, we can realize it! We very like it and improve our skills day by day for brining your projects to life in the most effective way.

With full responsibility we make each architectural model which are destined for exhibition, presentation, personal collection or just like gift for a child.

During model making we are using the latest developments of scientific-technical progress.

Using 3D milting, laser cutting, engraving, welding, we can produce own very detailed geometric shapes to a the greatest high level of precision.

Model makers use a variety of materials depending on the type of model they are making or requirements of the design. There are: PVC plastic, acrylic plastics, PVC film , XPS sheet, metal, fine and industrial wood.

For lighting of prototypes apply light-emitting diod (LED) technologies, could be use fluorescent backlights.

Specialists of our company will bring to life architectural models any level of complexity and precision of elements and objects of build, relief, transport and vegetation. We have an individual approach by each project depending on the clientís budget and wishes about details and materials which will be used, time frame making.