Prototyping studio - models of houses and buildings of any size.

Layouts not only houses and

Prototyping studio "Archmag"

Our workshop staff will realize the layout of any complexity and level of detail elements and objects: buildings, relief, transportation, vegetation. We use an individual approach to each project, depending on the client's budget, his wishes for detailing, materials and terms of manufacturing.

Model workshop with experience.

"Archmag" - professional model workshop, established in 2008 for the manufacture of high-quality architectural models of various levels of complexity and accuracy. Layouts are used in architectural presentations, in the study, in marketing, and are also used as teaching aids.

Our creative, technical and technological capacity, allows the customer to implement any plans on manufacturing layout: historical monuments and places of worship

Making models of buildings.

Models of buildings as detached and entire arrays or regions. Also able to do layouts and industrial buildings. Production layouts such direction from any possible material used mainly wood, paper, plastic, foam. Layout of the building can be made on podmketnike with vegetation in the form of trees, shrubs and other bulk herbs.

Making models of houses and cottages.

To create layouts houses using the same materials as for buildings. Layout can be as otdelnostoyashim and a residential complex with landscaping and landscape planning. Layouts of homes can be backlit as simulation of human activities within them, and landscape planning podmaketnike may include, for example, a playground and parking.

Kids layouts.

Maybe your child is crazy about medieval castles or railways? We may well revive the spirit of the Middle Ages in a castle surrounded by a moat (simulated water surface), a drawbridge, a landscaped park with trees and human figures. Model railway with stations with stations with buildings, mountain or hilly terrain. Kids layouts deliver the child not only the joy of the original gift, but also contribute to the development of his thinking and spatial vision.